Fashion through the Decades


Errol Arendz is a South African Couturier who, after finishing his studies, left South Africa for Paris and London to gain experience as a fashion designer. Amongst well-known European designers, the House of Christian Dior in Paris, showed great interest in his talent as a teenage designer. He was offered a position, but nostalgia had him return to South Africa after one year, to be discovered and set up in the initiation of his own business.

A new fashion star was recognised in Cape Town in 1977.

In collaboration with his sister, Gloria, they opened the doors to their fashion salon in the midst of the Apartheid era.

Within six months Errol’s extreme talent as a fashion designer was brought to light through the media and showcased in Fair Lady magazine by Barbara Barnard, the wife of the world famous heart surgeon, Professor Chris Barnard, in a collection of magnificently designed and constructed garments.

This brother & sister team rapidly gained celebrity status through their combined creativity with Errol’s demonstration of his phenomenal skill and talent of design and Gloria’s strength of character in the administrative and management sector of their business.

With many stumbling blocks to overcome in the past Apartheid regime, they persevered with great passion to succeed, sharing a very close sibling relationship in sync with each other which allowed Errol to express his talent through the strength and self confidence of his sister and muse.

International celebrities that visited South Africa, as well as an array of local distinctive names were fascinated by his designs.

As Gloria expresses often: "Errol has invariably had the ability and skill to always unveil the best and most beautiful in every woman he dresses."

In 1988, Gloria was awarded a prestigious South African accolade of being the first non white woman to be nominated onto the Sunday Times Best dressed list, and successfully walked away with this distinguished title in the first year of her nomination. She remained on this coveted list for the next two consecutive years.

Throughout the years that followed, Errol was awarded and honoured with many accolades and ovations for exceptional talent in fashion.

This duo had engraved their mark in fashion in South Africa.

The Errol Arendz Couture brand became embedded and remains one of the most sought after names in the South African fashion industry.